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- Just as many remember that tragic December of nineteen forty-one
So very well as innocence fell to the Rising of the Sun
So shall we allow us to reflect how we felt and thought and mourned
When each clock's ticks rang 8:46 - the time that terror was born -

(T. Beechey)

The loss we felt was cruelly dealt as if each had been our own
And they were indeed in the land where freedom rings a single tone
They were us and we were they,in every way their pain was ours
And within us all,upon each heart's wall,we'll forever bear the scars
The image is stained,forever ingrained,on the windows of our minds
The words to express are either too less or impossible to find
Each teardrop shed clearly said what couldn't,by mouth,be told
Upon each cheek,each voice to speak was as one --- young and old:

"We will stand united under candlelighted glow
"Looking straight into the eyes of any uprising foe
"Till each wrong is righted,the candlelighted glow remains
"As a beacon for salvation for a Nation which sustains"

They spoke of a Nation whose Declaration declared now and then
Equality and the right to be free for all women and men
When the smoke cleared,what perservered were strengths within us all
To become as one,second to none,shoulder-to-shoulder,standing tall
From city streets across fields of wheat,the call goes far and wide
If we're to endure,we must ensure our stances side-by-side
And from ocean shores up to the doors where you and I both stay
Arm-in-arm,we'll turn back harm in coming nights and days

"We must stand united against uninvited souls
"Those which toil upon native soil with evil,mindless goals
"Till each is brought to justice,we must preserve our land
"Keeping it free for you and me --- united do we stand"

And,as we move on,they shall live on in every thought and prayer
Each father,mother,sister,and brother and,unto each,I swear
There exists bonds that reach bryond,no boundaries anywhere lie
Reaching onward towards tomorrow,past the sorrow by and by
You shall forever be a part of America's heart and soul
As winds of change rearrange and the tides of time do roll
And,though we can't replace the faces,still your places shall exist
Each twinkling flame shall bear each name,not one will be missed

"We shall stand united,undivided,in our quest
"Finding strength from one another and,to the end,we shall not rest
"We must stand together and weather every storm
"Then we'll hail the unveiling of the rainbow as it forms"

- Just as many remember that fateful November of nineteen sixty-three
In vivid accounts as it was announced that Camelot ceased to be
So shall we recall everything and all we did,were doing,and had done
When terror was born that Tuesday morn,September eleventh two-thousand one -

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