September 11th, 2002

Happy Birthday Joey. -.-;;

Today is my friend Joey's birthday. ._.; It was kinda sad, we were all so happy on the morning of September 11th, screaming " Happy Birthday to You " at the top of our lungs on the bus, then Andy haney got on and just screamed " THE TWIN TOWERS HAVE BEEN BOMBED, Y0. " x_x; We like, didn't believe him at first... Until we turned on the radio and we heard people discussing it on there. Then my friend A.J. got on saying they had bombed the pentagon. .__.; We were all freaking out by the time we got to school, my friend Jessica and I were hugging and crying saying " I don't want to die!! " o.o; Thinking up places that they would bomb next, not suprinsingly, they were all in California x.x; A lot of teachers broke down crying and had to leave school, all of us, and even the people that made fun of everything couldn't even smile that day. .-. The anniversary can't be any better.

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i am very nervous about today. i don't think the terrorists will hit again, although they might. but its highly unlikely - although the united states is on VERY high alert today( which is NOT a good sign ).

even though i don't think the terrorists will bomb the united states just the thought of september eleventh being here again is nerve racking in itself.

remembering sept 11

I still cant belive it was a year ago even though so much stuff has hapened since. I remember it so clearly. I woke up at like 9 am that morning. Because I was pregnant at the time, And i had bad morning sickness. So i got up to run to the bathroom, And when i came back in my room i turned on my T.V. And i seen the planes crash into the tower. I really didnt know what to think. I thought we were at war or something. So i called my bf at work. He said he was listening to it on the radio. Now its all ready a year later. And i hope nothing like that ever hapens again. I mean last year i wa sscared because i was pregnant. But this year I have a baby to watch out for. So its even worse, cause I am somewhat scared for him to.


NikoIaev: How could the WTC tragedy happen in America? Leave it to the Maqrines to abandon political correctness and speak the truth. Here's how... from a U.S. Marine corps harrier pilot.

NikoIaev: The tragedy that befell all of us on Spetember 11th shocked America. America no longer feels safe. Many of you said "The government should have known! Thirty billion dollars is being spent on intelligence!! What about the military!?!?" Just a reminder, America, you voted our Clinton government into office. For years you allowed some dishonest politicians and twisted television media personalities to shape your ideas about the defense of our nation.

NikoIaev: Why? Because most Americans were too lazy to listen beyond the 3-minute sound bytes on the evening news. Here's a news flash not being broadcast much.: "On Spetember 11th, America had the exact level of protection, military and intelligence, that it was willing to pay for."

NikoIaev: Only yesterday the Congress and the Senate approved 40 BILLION dollars "down payment" to fight this war. A short time ago, our politicians said a 100 million dollar increase to the Navy budget was substantial. In that same bill they ordered the Navy to conduct an 85 million dollar study on... breast cancer research.

NikoIaev: Yes, America, your elected officials decided that the US Navy needed more mammograms and fewer missiles. Was this an under the table sneaky move? No, it was right out in the open. The Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Navy both opposed it. A New York Senatorial Candidate (Yes, she's the one) was enraged that the Military would be so sexist and irresponsible to the needs of civilians and wanted the Navy to give the money

NikoIaev: back immediately! But the media paid it little mind. So, America paid little attention. Did anyone ever watch CSPAN? Particularly when the heads of our armed services essentially begged OUR representatives to give the military more money to fight terrorism and maintain a strong defense? Did you see the debates by the heads of intelligence services that terrorism was the new threat? They told the commities of Congress that the CIA, FBI and the

NikoIaev: Services did not have the necessary money to build intelligence networks in the areas where terrorists were being harbored. They warned again and again that there was clear and present danger within America's borders. Americans must have been watching one of their other 114 satellite channels. The military said: "We need more money to maintain military radiness and Combat Training." Americans Answered: "What the military needs is Sensitivity

NikoIaev: Training! You're all sexist homophobes! I saw it on 60 minutes!" The military said: "We need more money to build ships, planes, tanks, and improve our technologu. America still has credible threats throughout the world. Terrorism will come to America's doorstep." America Answered: "You're all part of a vast right-wing conspiracy. There is no more Soviet Threat! My Snator told me so! He/She says we do not need such a big military!

NikoIaev: You're dinosaurs trying to hold onto the Cold War! We need Social Programs!" The Military said: "We need to recruit more Americans into the military. We need to increase our force." America Answered: "You're not taking my kids! We're going to shut down the ROTC programs at our high schools and universities, because you descriminate against alternative lifestyles! ROTC teaches CHILDREN (under 21) how to shoot guns! You just want another Columbine! Rosie and Oprah say so!"

NikoIaev: The Military said: "We can't keep interfering in the civil wars of small insignificant countries. It wastes our time, expends our resources, decreases training, and demoralises our troops. The men and women of the United States are Warriors trying to defend OUR nation, we are not the third world's police force." America Answered: "You heartless bastards!

NikoIaev: Can't you see the tear in the eye of that starving child!?! There are flies on her face for Christ's Sake! Get Moving! Jesse Jackson on CNN said that is what we pay you for!" The Military asked: "Why isn't America enraged over the terrorist attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 AMERICAN sailors? How about the Air Force barracks bombed in Saudi Arabia? The embassy staffs in Africa? The soldiers mutilated and dragged throughout the streets of

NikoIaev: Samolia?" America Answered: "We don't have the time right now! We're busy defending our animal rights! Our schools are handing out automatic weapons! The federal givernment is descriminating against cross-dressing Bolivian hermaphrodites! The police are all members of the Ku Klux Klan! The lack of Ozone is ruining my tan! If they cut deeper into Food Stamp those poor women will have to move down to size 18/20 deresses! AND THE WORST!

NikoIaev: Corporations are raising the prices of thier products so high I might not be able to afford the multi-disc DVD player for my 36" digital-ready TV! Besides, YOU GUYS ARE PAID TO DIE!" So, America, while you sit on your couch or around your office coffee pots and ask, "Why did those terrorists kill innocent civilians? Why didn't they go after the military?" remember

NikoIaev: this, America: They already had, but America didn't care. These terrorists realised that they needed to kill American civilians, and lots of them, before they could have thier desired reaction from the people of this country. Well, now they have it.

NikoIaev: isn't tom sexy

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i was in the chat room "God Bless America" and someone said ----

Herzeleid: of god this is cheesy

Tristful: shhh

OnlineHost: A46Gem has entered the room.

B 1 a c: "oh god", maybe?

A46Gem: sup h0ar

Tristful: hi kairu

A46Gem: - kairu

Herzeleid: fuck america.

B 1 a c: hey kariu.

A46Gem: hey cheri

Tristful: hey strawberry

Herzeleid: hi.

Tristful: if you feel that way

Tristful: you can leave

Tristful: --->

A46Gem: umm. cheri, sry, but america sucks.

Herzeleid: fine.

OnlineHost: Herzeleid has left the room.

B 1 a c: kariu, where ya' been?

A46Gem: i lost my computer. on my aunt's computer and my grandpa's sn right now.

Tristful: i'm sorry you feel that way kairu

A46Gem: it's ok cheri

Tristful: but you're wrong

A46Gem: i'll get my computer back soon, but i'll only have aim

Tristful: oh

Tristful: i wasnt talking about your computer

OnlineHost: LeSoapBox has entered the room.

A46Gem: i know
happy goat

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anti-american who live in america...people are going to believe what they wanna, but if those individuals hate america so much ...they should leave...i mean i hate it when people that were born and raised in the US say that it sucks and they hate it and the everyone and thing in the US should be blown to bits and what not...if they really belive that...they should get up, get their US moneys and move to another part of the world...see how much they like it there. bbecause not many countries are anywhere near on par with the US...yet we're one of the most hated nation, if not THE most hated because we're on top and have freedom and all that jazz...sick bastards

As far as people outside of US citizens hating the US..well...That's (probably) because they know nothing about the way we live and are most likely very jealous and the like... Like the common people out in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan (some of this goes for other places aswell)....they only know what their government/extremist leaders LET them know, and i garuntee it's not much, and only what those few in charge want them to know, even if it's not truthful.
i feel bad for the children that are being forced to hate what they know nothing about. the women that are conditioned from early childhood to be subservient to all men. There is NO excuse for the things those extremist men make themselves and the people around them live. And just because that's the way they live and have lived for a very very long time does NOT make it acceptable.

If these people hate america so much for being pretty successful (even though we're not perfect or anywhere near it) then why can't they just leave the US be and do their own thing? I think that would be a much better option than having many people on both sides of this die in vain.

any of that make sense???

UGH! i have more to say, but I'm too emotionally Taxed to say it at the moment....i'll continue my rant at another point in time, if at all.

oh and another thing- i'm aware of the problems and injustices in the rest of the world and i have my compassion for them...but the united states CAN NOT put a bandaid on every country for every on the friggin planet, nor are we obligated to, just because we happen to be more powerful, with the better economics goin'. Yes I think we should help if there are major problems, but we have our own difficulties in this country that need to be attended to BEFORE we can go save other struggling/failing nations

Thanks for reading this and please respond...
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Hello. I just joined this. I was amazed to find this community. My name is Shelly and I am 13 years old. I live in California. I hope that this communtity will remain active after today. I have AIM and my user name for it is pumpkindust02. You may IM me if you want to talk about it with me. It's 9-11-02. One year since the horrible attack on America. Just watching the re-runs of the planes crashing into the buildings, pictures of the WTC before and what remains in what we call Ground Zero. Even though I knew no one who was killed, it still makes me sad. My dad says I have a good heart. I cry for those who lost loved ones, those who were killed, and the brave men who went to fight in the terrorist war. I remember the morning of 9-11-01 very clearly. It was a school day. I woke up unusally early for a school day. My dad said maybe I felt it in my heart. I went out to my dad and watched the news or maybe I told him to turn on the news. Who knows. My dad and I saw the first plane crash into the first tower. During that time I remember that there was also a fire in the washington mall. Of course I was terrified and I believed that the terrorists would attack anywhere with alot of people, including school. My dad made me and my little brother stay home from school that day due to that fact. That day I was online at Neopets talking to people, and I had the TV on behind me watching CNN non-stop. The next day I was terrorfied to even go to school let alone outside. I was afraid of planes too. When the planes were allowed back up to flight, I was at melissa's until 9 at night looking at the sky watching the planes wondering where they were going. We counted the planes that we saw flying. Since the attack I have been more American. Today at school at 9:11 AM we had a moment of silence to honor those who died and those who faught and those who lost someone. Everyone in the school was silent. It is a very depressing day for America esp. for those who lost someone on 9-11. Those who lived in new york who had a view of the towers no longer do. All they see is a wide open space called Ground Zero. At lunch we sang songs about America out of respect and to honor those who perished in the attacks. Bush is a great man. He has been walking around ground zero for 2 hours talking to everyone, hugging, kissing, holding little kids for ever and just listening to them. He may not be a good politition but he is a good human. He has a great big heart. God Bless you all.
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i don't know WHAT to make of this.

Sassie227: ok my friend`s mom`s friend`s mom was in ny and

Sassie227: she was at a gas station. and she saw an arab

Sassie227: lookin person and he didn`t have enough money so

Sassie227: she gave him some and he was like " why did u

Sassie227: give me this ?" and she said " i want to help a

Sassie227: fellow american" and then he was like"ok i will

Sassie227: help one too. don`t drink coke after 9/11 "