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America's Journal
Thursday, September 12th, 2002

Date:September 12th, 2002
Subject:ok about 9/11

ok this is a post that i made in my LJ that i would like to share with as many people as i can...i want toget input from AS MANY people as possible....YOUR input WOULD BE GREATLY appreciated...whether it be positive or negative to what i had to say....thank you now for taking the time to read this so far....ALSO please post response in My LJ not in here (or in both) the address to my LJ is http://www.livejournal.com/users/widjet/

Hmmm....were should i start....today is the big day...one year after the first foreign terrorist attack on US soil....My question is what makes this soo special....just because this is the united states or americans doesn't make us untouchable or a better human being...why should the attacks on the world trade center beheld in ANY higher regard than say an attack say a bus bombing in jerusalem or a genocidal rampage by some tyranical warlord in a north african country...it shouldn't...i'm not saying that they shouldn't be mourned or remember...i'm just saying should a monument be erected or a holiday be declared because of it...no..i think that is over kill...i can understand a prayer..or even a moment of silence in rememberance...but running playbacks of the plane crashes and stuff on tv and hearing nothing but commentary about it on the radio FOR THE ENTIRE DAY...that is ridiculus...i understand 3,000+ people died but why are we turning them into matyrs of sorts for the cause of anti-terroism...there was nothing special about it other than that it was on a very grand scale....I know i will get some negative responses to this post but i expected that and welcome the input.....that would be wrong to not want contrary feedback....but i also know that there are people that WILL agree with me...so please post with LJ names...stand up for what you believe in....

Again Thank you for readingthe Entry and ifyou feel like commenting pleast post it http://www.livejournal.com/talkpost.bml?journal=widjet&itemid=47411 and in here but at least in the above link....THANK YOU....

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Date:September 12th, 2002
Subject:I thought the first pilot was drunk.
Mood: contemplative

Is it bad that I avoided the television and radio almost all day yesterday? I listened to Shredd and Ragan (a local Buffalo radio program, a little like Opie and Anthony but they don't go quite as far) in the morning because they pretty much had their regular show. I was actually successful until I got home and had to watch the news. (My local baseball team is in teh playoffs, and I wanted to find out how they were doing, or else I wouldn't have watched it. But I digress...)

So, anyway, I avoided television as best I could, but it's really hard to hide from technology. Every single channel devoted THE ENTIRE DAY to what happened. Every single webpage I looked at had a flag or an image of some sort. It was the headline in all of the papers I looked at (not to mention a great deal of the weekly magazines, too). It was as if nothing else happened in the world yesterday. (Side note: Or for the rest of last year, for that matter. Do you realize that last year was the sixtieth anniversary of Pearl Harbor? Did you notice that it was barely mentioned because it was almost three months since September? Just because some new horror comes along doesn't mean that the old one wasn't horrible, too.) I realize that it was a huge catastrope, a horribly sad event. But there are only so many times that you can show it on television. And there is only so much that can be said. After that, it's too much to absorb. Last year, I spent three weeks glued to the television set, the radio, poring over every section of the newspaper like you wouldn't believe. Then, my briain shorted out. I didn't watch the news for a good two months or so. I didn't read the paper until a couple of weeks before I left for Sweden. I'm a political science major, and I cut myself off from information about the world. There's only so much you can take before it all becomes a jumble of words and everything you're trying so hard to say becomes meaningless, which defeats the whole purpose of what everyone was trying to do yesterday.

On a related note (and you can NOT tell me that this isn't related to what happened), I heard the most disturbing ad on the radio this morning. Did any of you listen to Shredd and Ragan this morning and hear the ad done by Chuck Norris? I was looking on the website, but there is no information about the sponsors for me to link you to, so I'll just have to tell you about it. Chuck Norris starts talking (with some sort of patriotic music in the background) about illegal immigrants and how they're infiltrating our country and the US government wants YOU to join the fight. Study criminal justice! Apply for a job with INS! It's your patriotic duty to keep them foreigners out!

Ok, so maybe I'm exaggerating just a little. But it seriously was an ad trying to get people to work for the INS. Does that not disturb anyone else, even a little? I mean, I realize that illegal immigration is a big problem in the US, but it has to be dealt with much more carefully than getting a bunch of gung ho, young, pissed off xenophobes together, giving them guns and a badge, and letting them loose on the community! I realize that something needs to be done, but PLEASE! It sounded like a WWII ad to join the military!! Have we NO dignity whatsoever?

I understand that my views are not very popular and are not the views of everyone. I can deal with that. Feel free to bitch at me. Comment all you want, just don't swear, dont threaten, and don't say I that I can't understand. (I understand what you're saying, I just don't agree with it.) Be civil about it, ok?

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Date:September 12th, 2002
Subject:a nation remembers....as do I
Mood: okay

I will never forget that day that I lost my cousin...

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I will never forget that day that I lost my cousin...
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<img src="http://us.news2.yimg.com/us.yimg.com/p/ap/20020911/lthumb.1031757992.sept_11_flight_93_pash121.jpg" alt="together"/>

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Date:September 12th, 2002

Were still alive!!! Yay!!!

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