September 16th, 2002

It's sad but get a reality check.

September 11th was a tragic day, no doubt about that in my mind, but that's not all that day was about. Sometimes I think about the people who were in the towers and a plane just goes into their window. It's like it's not fair, but It was honestly their time to die, and if they didn't die september 11th they would have died some where in the near future. But we as a country are selfish. I don't think many americans know that. ONCE we got hit, once 3,000 people die, everyday 3,000 people die in other places, do we care? We we send money do we cry? No? It's all the government's fault. We pay for their mistakes, everything they do wrong we get killed for. America always has to stick their noses where it does belong. Why are we worrying about jews and arabs when we can't even get all the crack babies and poor people off our streets? Does it make sense? Then three years later we vote the same people. America swears that they are so tough and bad, but there are several terrorist that american probably doesn't worry about. They stay focused on one thing and pay no mind to anything else, that's how people hijacked planes, and that's why so many of our families are dead and gone forever. We represent a country who is heartless to others, and we want love towards us, just becase only, around 3,000 people died. We need to realize that this was a reality check, we can not depend on american, we have to look for ourselves, this is life, and America for isn't protecting us. I am done. You send all the hate replies.. I am waiting.
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A Friend Told Me This..

Hi Shelly I want you to listen for a sec ..You cant live your life afraid of the evils of the world, You are an American be proud of what you are remember what happened learn from it.
Then go on and be what you are an American girl living in the greatest country in the world,have fun, have love, and enjoy the the best life you can have anywhere..........+


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