March 10th, 2008

Political Prisoner, Human Rights, 9/11, White House, Torture

FARC, Hugo Chavez, and La Frontera


The south of Columbia needs larger roads, infrastructure, banks to loan farmers money, and a railway system to import their produce to the cities if they want to change the current civil war. The farmers have no possibility for income except growing Coca. Who continues this cycle of violence? The United States of America.

I've travelled to the FARC territory. There is no way the cocaine is imported without the complicity of the United States government. The civil war is a direct result of the U.S. The government uses the profits from the drug trade to fund their illegal operations and for profit. FARC, the DEA, the Columbian government, and the U.S. military are used to continue the chaos, destroy the competition, and prosecute the independents. 

Whenever there is division in a country one should look at the countries resources and to the United States. The government, while repeating that we live in a democracy and have rule of law, is lawless. There is a level of government in which there are no laws.  The purpose of the military, intelligence agencies, and media is to cover and support big business. In the U.S. that is the privatized military apparatus, drugs, weapons, people, international corporations, and oil.

What Uribe has not understood is that by supporting the U.S. he has been supporting the drug trade. By having the DEA and the military in his country he has enabled the cocaine to be transported to our cities. I have travelled through Central and South America. The countries are patrolled with police and military stops. The thought of an vehicle going from the south of Columbia through the jungle to the cities without inspection I find to be impossible.There is no way the cocaine is being smuggled to the U.S. by the "drug warlords." As anyone that has any knowledge of electronics and the U.S. can attest to, there is no way there are planes or cars are coming over the border with drugs undetected.

The drug war is a war against blacks and latinos who use and sell the drugs imported by the U.S. government, then end up in prison and lose their right to vote.