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I decided to put together a list of things seen around LiveJournal on September 11, 2001. I hope it makes us all remember that day and, hopefully, helps us all just a bit.

aggresive_sloth - Age: 16 - Location: Syracuse, New York
as you watch the planes crash, and as you see the buildings collapse, you are witnessing the death of thousands..... a mass execution.

alison - Age: 19 - Location: Broken Bow, Oklahoma
I'm so drained. I'm so lost, confused, gone, scared, mad, pissed, revengeful. I dont know what I am.

athena - Age: 22 - Location: Seattle, Washington
remember what happened during wwII and how we treated americans of japanese desent? do not let this happen again.

beauxdee002 - Age: 16 - Location: Prarieville, Lousiana
What the hell would cause you to be so FUCKING HEARTLESS!!

brett429 - Age: 18 - Location: Seattle, Washington
A good friend of mine said today "I have a feeling that American freedom and life as we know it ended sharply at 8:45am today."

bunny_of_steele - Age: 17 - Location: New York
The reason I haven't posted anything longer is that I've lost my words. I can't express how this all makes me feel. Its terrible, terrible. I was so worried all day, I still am. Out here, everyone knows someone in the city.

chand - Age: 19 - Location: Finland
Those images I see on tv from NY... 0.o It's like ID4 but without the aliens. Disaster movie.

crystalrachelle - Age: 17 - Location: Norman, Oklahoma
The world has changed as we know do you react?

darksidhe - Age: 22 - Location: Missing Mile, North Carolina
both towers. BOTH TOWERS. � and no one here (or any other military branch) is supposed to leave the office in uniform, they were instructed to not be seen in it, to be in civies--in the office was fine, but on the street--civies.

djryanla - Age: 22 - Location: Norman, Oklahoma
To tell you the truth, I have nothing but sorrow and anger in my heart right now.

flyingindie - Age: 18 - Location: Elk City, Oklahoma
Who would do something this horrible?! And why?!! ........ And is it over? ... It's strange thinking that today will be in the history books. I think it's very important that people remain optimistic. It's very important that people still love each other.

wolfiegirl - Age: ?? - Location: Kansas
"Mommy," he sighed, "I'm saying the pledge of allegiance." Guess the "They may have destroyed the steel buildings, but will not destroy the steel resolve of the American people," speech kind of got to him � We've all lost something today. A loved one or friend, perhaps... or a few dollars while filling up at the gas-gouged stations...or maybe just a bit of sanctity in the world being right...or maybe just a feeling of safeness. Regardless, we've all lost something.

gooddisaster - Age: ?? - Location: Sydney, NSW, Australia
look at what's happening in new york. fuck.

insomniac - Age: 19 - Location: Helena, Montana
And to think that stuff like this happens all the time. Of course, it doesn't make much difference in the world unless it hits close to home.

iriebabydoll - Age: 22 - Location: Japan
There is just way too much chaos going on right now. Japan is's scary how this kind of stuff effects people all over the world directly and indirectly. I guess the Governor of Tokyo is in DC right now but they're trying to make plans to get his ass out of there as son as possible. I guess Japan has prepared a rescue/help team that they can send over there for help if it's needed and asked for...

jadedstar - Age: ?? - Location: Boise, Idaho
Yes, we've all seen it.. we've all gaped at the tv, with our eyes wide open and watched the horrific scenes, we've all had to try and figure out if this was real, or some sick recreation of Orsen Wells and being attacked by aliens. We all stood and stared blankly for 6 hours today at the tv. We all had our moments of being scared.

jeffreymic - Age: 18 - Location: Bowling Green, Kentucky
My whole life I've strived for equality. On a daily basis I must fight within myself to rise above other people's negativity. As of late, many of my friends have also had to strive to gain some semblance of respect even among those they call their friends. This all seems so petty. Can't you see it? Be it white, black, catholic, jew, tall, skinny, gay, or straight, it still bleeds the same blood. Death is the ultimate equalizer.

jenifermarie - Age: ?? - Location: Texas
So much materialism, hatred, jealousy, and greed exist everywhere in the world... so many issues that are absolutely miniscule and irrelevant when compared to a much greater concept - We are all human beings.

jorajo - Age: 23 - Location: Northern California
I just...*shakes head* No idea. None. I'm not really worried about the stock market or Wall Street. I'm worried about those PEOPLE. What about the kids who were in school down there? They had to see all that...

curbside_yogini - Age: 18 - Location: Chicago, Illinois
DePaul is closed. Woodfield is closed. Everything in Chicago is closed. ....Going to give blood right now. Maybe in some way I can help.

kobalt - Age: 27 - Location: Zaragoza, Spain
It seemed like an April fool's day at first, but the fact that most of digital newspapers were very busy told us there was truth in what we heard. Terrorism supported by religion is the most powerful weapon today.

lamaitresse - Age: 17 - Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
And then my mum came downstairs and knocked on my door and said the States were under attack and I was like, "hah, yeah right." But it was true. I was fuckn scared. SCARED. Stuff like that doesn't happen in our lifetime. We learn about it in Social Studies, dammit. We ask our grandparents what it was like.

lauradelicious - Age: 21 - Location: London/Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Earth has no sorrow that heaven cannot heal. - Thomas Moore

lbabybrie - Age: 22 - Location: Manhattan, New York
I wish this never happened. I wish this would go away. I wish people weren't stupid and making it worse. I'm scared. I live alone. I have no one to turn to. My phone barely works. Thank goodness for irc and aim.

ly - Age: 28 - Location: Monterrey, Mexico
Watching kids in Palestine cheering over the massacre made me break down... how can anyone teach young pure souls to celebrate death and terrorism?

mysecretstold - Age: 16 - Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
everyone in the classroom, left shocked and scared, not knowing what is going to happen next..people started crying, including myself, but I blinked back the tears, so that I wouldn't make a scene..and just prayed..

oddgirl27 - Age: 19 - Location: Tallahassee, Florida
maybe it's time to re-learn. maybe it's time to re-learn to have faith people...but how is that possible?

pimphand - Age: 24 - Location: Lewisville, Texas
The Taliban, whom I might add is a group whom must be looked into by the UN for human rights violations, are harboring this man because he is a man of Islam. I disagree. He is a man that is a selfish cowardly bastard and a bad example of ISLAM.

porcelina33 - Age: 19 - Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
this is no game. this is the big red white and blue. we dont take no shit.

pyrobaby - Age: 20 - Location: State College, Pennsylvania
There were people on the WTC that jumped off of it because it was the better of the two choices of death they'd been given. Can you IMAGINE? No one should have to go through that...

reddragonace - Age: 19 - Location: Norman, Oklahoma
God. This shocked the hell out of me. I still can barely believe it.

shastagurl - Age: ?? - Location: Mount Shasta, California
Still have no idea what to say...

shiggitycheryl - Age: 19 - Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
i woke up when chris called. i turned on cnn and my heart dropped. i forced myself out the door when i wanted to crawl back into bed and cry. i called my grandparents on the walk to work to tell them i love them. they hadn't heard.

sholanda - Age: 24 - Location: Los Angeles, California
"an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind"-- ghandi.

stilldocked - Age: 27 - Location: Albany, New York
I am angry, angry and sad. How could an event like this happen? And what is it supposed to prove? That we shouldn't support Israel, that all Americans should subscribe to Islam? That being a capitalist republic will bring down the wrath of madmen? What does this all mean?

teleutestar - Age: 19 - Location: Singapore
My lord, the US is in chaos. It still feels a little unreal...

tou - Age: 21 - Location: Hong Kong
this is sick, sick shit. the magnitude of hate in this world, it almost doesn't seem possible. good luck to everyone out there.

towanda - Age: 20 - Location: Norman, Oklahoma
How easy life would be if I were a cat. He sleeps. He eats. He plays. He doesn't hate.

vampyrecass - Age: 18 - Location: Charleston, South Carolina
I was the first person at my center to find out due to a lady who told me, "I can't talk to you right now. The World Trade Center has just been bombed and I have family working in that building!" Then she slammed down the phone�

wildechild00 - Age: 17 - Location: Norman, Oklahoma
But none of that really matters now. 20,000+ people are dead. That's OU. My goodness.
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