Cheri (cheri_baby) wrote in sept_11,

i was in the chat room "God Bless America" and someone said ----

Herzeleid: of god this is cheesy

Tristful: shhh

OnlineHost: A46Gem has entered the room.

B 1 a c: "oh god", maybe?

A46Gem: sup h0ar

Tristful: hi kairu

A46Gem: - kairu

Herzeleid: fuck america.

B 1 a c: hey kariu.

A46Gem: hey cheri

Tristful: hey strawberry

Herzeleid: hi.

Tristful: if you feel that way

Tristful: you can leave

Tristful: --->

A46Gem: umm. cheri, sry, but america sucks.

Herzeleid: fine.

OnlineHost: Herzeleid has left the room.

B 1 a c: kariu, where ya' been?

A46Gem: i lost my computer. on my aunt's computer and my grandpa's sn right now.

Tristful: i'm sorry you feel that way kairu

A46Gem: it's ok cheri

Tristful: but you're wrong

A46Gem: i'll get my computer back soon, but i'll only have aim

Tristful: oh

Tristful: i wasnt talking about your computer

OnlineHost: LeSoapBox has entered the room.

A46Gem: i know
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