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anti-american who live in america...people are going to believe what they wanna, but if those individuals hate america so much ...they should leave...i mean i hate it when people that were born and raised in the US say that it sucks and they hate it and the everyone and thing in the US should be blown to bits and what not...if they really belive that...they should get up, get their US moneys and move to another part of the world...see how much they like it there. bbecause not many countries are anywhere near on par with the US...yet we're one of the most hated nation, if not THE most hated because we're on top and have freedom and all that jazz...sick bastards

As far as people outside of US citizens hating the US..well...That's (probably) because they know nothing about the way we live and are most likely very jealous and the like... Like the common people out in Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan (some of this goes for other places aswell)....they only know what their government/extremist leaders LET them know, and i garuntee it's not much, and only what those few in charge want them to know, even if it's not truthful.
i feel bad for the children that are being forced to hate what they know nothing about. the women that are conditioned from early childhood to be subservient to all men. There is NO excuse for the things those extremist men make themselves and the people around them live. And just because that's the way they live and have lived for a very very long time does NOT make it acceptable.

If these people hate america so much for being pretty successful (even though we're not perfect or anywhere near it) then why can't they just leave the US be and do their own thing? I think that would be a much better option than having many people on both sides of this die in vain.

any of that make sense???

UGH! i have more to say, but I'm too emotionally Taxed to say it at the moment....i'll continue my rant at another point in time, if at all.

oh and another thing- i'm aware of the problems and injustices in the rest of the world and i have my compassion for them...but the united states CAN NOT put a bandaid on every country for every on the friggin planet, nor are we obligated to, just because we happen to be more powerful, with the better economics goin'. Yes I think we should help if there are major problems, but we have our own difficulties in this country that need to be attended to BEFORE we can go save other struggling/failing nations

Thanks for reading this and please respond...
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