Cheri (cheri_baby) wrote in sept_11,


OoLiZaBeth14oO: america sucks

Gert Heart: Good for you.

Gert Heart: Don't you feel proud of your self Beth?

Tristful: you, my friend, can get out if you feel that way. thaaank you. ;D

Gert Heart: You made a difference.

OoLiZaBeth14oO: yes i do

A46Gem: cheri do you love me?

Tristful: wtf fdhfdhd

OoLiZaBeth14oO: this country is corrupt

Gert Heart: So is every other country.

OoLiZaBeth14oO: gert heart do you agree with me?

Gert Heart: Lol.

Tristful: eve--

Tristful: yeah

Gert Heart: There isn't a country that ISN'T currupt

OoLiZaBeth14oO: true true

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Tristful: exactly

Gert Heart: Then you should say "Earth sucks"

OoLiZaBeth14oO: but america is the devil lol

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Tristful: the devil?

Gert Heart: Gee, Beth, are you close minded?

Gert Heart: I mean, come now.

Gert Heart: Other countries aren't better.

Gert Heart: Or worse.

Gert Heart: If you don't like America then live in another country.

OoLiZaBeth14oO: no i'm not close minded

OoLiZaBeth14oO: and i have no choice but to live here

Gert Heart: Uh huh.

Gert Heart: Well, I believe you shouldn't say "America sucks"

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Gert Heart: Until you live in another country or two.

Gert Heart: I've lived in Russia and Estonia

Gert Heart: France and Italy.

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Gert Heart: And America is the best so far.

OoLiZaBeth14oO: well it does

Gert Heart: How old are you Beth?

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OoLiZaBeth14oO: 16

OoLiZaBeth14oO: i know enough about america to know it sucks

Gert Heart: And where do you live in America?

A46Gem: you probably don't know much of shit about america.

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OoLiZaBeth14oO: in a way we deserved 9/11 i mean the families didnt deserve
the deaths but we deserved the attack on something

OoLiZaBeth14oO: we invaded their land before they even did anything to us

OoLiZaBeth14oO: Michigan

JuwaitingJulove: no one deserves what happened

OoLiZaBeth14oO: and dont even say that i dont feel bad for 9/11 or i dont know
how it felt because i do

Gert Heart: America is the powerful country, so it can stick it's nose into other

A46Gem: you live in detroit?

Gert Heart: It's always been like that

OoLiZaBeth14oO: no

JuwaitingJulove: today people celebrate life and death

A46Gem: america isn't really all that powerful, really.

OoLiZaBeth14oO: thats not true

Gert Heart: You shouldn't hate America for something so small.

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OoLiZaBeth14oO: america should respect the other people

A46Gem: china has a more powerful airforce, england has a more powerful navy.

A46Gem: it's just that we have nukes and act like we're big and bad.

Gert Heart: China's Airforce isn't as well trained.

OoLiZaBeth14oO: country's* privacy like they respect ours well they dont but
they HAVE to

Gert Heart: Gem LOL



OoLiZaBeth14oO: thats so true gem lol

Gert Heart: America does, duh

Gert Heart: And the only competition for Navy control for them is Russia.

OoLiZaBeth14oO: nu uh england does thats why they're our ally

Gert Heart: Englands Navy was DESTROYED and a lot of other shit happened to

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Tristful: hi phil

Gert Heart: No they aren't our ally because of their navy.

SoIitude: hi cheri

Gert Heart: You people aren't very bright.

Gert Heart: Russia has the most powerful Artilary.

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OoLiZaBeth14oO: maybe, but who the hell are you?

Gert Heart: Largest Army Airforce and so on all belong to China

Gert Heart: It has the LARGEST

Gert Heart: But!

Gert Heart: It is not the most powerful and not best trained.

Gert Heart: Isreal has the best trained Army

OnlineHost: Strangle has entered the room.

Gert Heart: And believe me, a lot of people who are in the military would agree that
Isreal does.

Gert Heart: Well who have visited around there.

A46Gem: yes, everybody who's smart knows israel has the best trained army. but it's
too small to do anything, really.

Gert Heart: True Gem.

Gert Heart: But England doesn't have a navy power.

OnlineHost: OoLiZaBeth14oO has left the room.

Gert Heart: I don't know what kind of crack you've been smoking.

Gert Heart: But it is low quality.

A46Gem: britain, at one point, had a stronger navy.

Gert Heart: Lol.

Gert Heart: Yes no shit.

Gert Heart: And they were also the largest power in the world.

A46Gem: i was unaware that they no longer did.

JuwaitingJulove: I listen to you all argueing and dont know why I am. many people last loved ones a year ago the nation spoke as one we became united loved ones are gone friends that helped are no more

Gert Heart: They controled Japan, India

JuwaitingJulove: enjoy the day

Gert Heart: And a shit load of other countries.
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