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Hello. I just joined this. I was amazed to find this community. My name is Shelly and I am 13 years old. I live in California. I hope that this communtity will remain active after today. I have AIM and my user name for it is pumpkindust02. You may IM me if you want to talk about it with me. It's 9-11-02. One year since the horrible attack on America. Just watching the re-runs of the planes crashing into the buildings, pictures of the WTC before and what remains in what we call Ground Zero. Even though I knew no one who was killed, it still makes me sad. My dad says I have a good heart. I cry for those who lost loved ones, those who were killed, and the brave men who went to fight in the terrorist war. I remember the morning of 9-11-01 very clearly. It was a school day. I woke up unusally early for a school day. My dad said maybe I felt it in my heart. I went out to my dad and watched the news or maybe I told him to turn on the news. Who knows. My dad and I saw the first plane crash into the first tower. During that time I remember that there was also a fire in the washington mall. Of course I was terrified and I believed that the terrorists would attack anywhere with alot of people, including school. My dad made me and my little brother stay home from school that day due to that fact. That day I was online at Neopets talking to people, and I had the TV on behind me watching CNN non-stop. The next day I was terrorfied to even go to school let alone outside. I was afraid of planes too. When the planes were allowed back up to flight, I was at melissa's until 9 at night looking at the sky watching the planes wondering where they were going. We counted the planes that we saw flying. Since the attack I have been more American. Today at school at 9:11 AM we had a moment of silence to honor those who died and those who faught and those who lost someone. Everyone in the school was silent. It is a very depressing day for America esp. for those who lost someone on 9-11. Those who lived in new york who had a view of the towers no longer do. All they see is a wide open space called Ground Zero. At lunch we sang songs about America out of respect and to honor those who perished in the attacks. Bush is a great man. He has been walking around ground zero for 2 hours talking to everyone, hugging, kissing, holding little kids for ever and just listening to them. He may not be a good politition but he is a good human. He has a great big heart. God Bless you all.
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